Gingia Estate Assam


Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine Darjeelings, or just discovering these remarkable teas, immerse yourself in the flavor of this magical region, where century-old high-altitude tea bushes are bathed in mountain mists, developing a characteristic muscatel flavor. Happy Valley’s elevation produces a stunning tea with the aforementioned notes of muscatel, toast, wine and subtle peach. An exceptional Darjeeling.

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Second Flush Assams typifies the best qualities that this particular type of Indian tea has to offer. The full-bodied maltiness and rich pungency of an Assam is even more pronounced in this season. Although the Assam region does not benefit from the high elevations, this area has remarkable soil alluvial conditions and ideal temperatures for tea. Teas from the Assam tend to be higher in natural tannins and therefore are more astringent and have a ‘thick’ nose. These attributes are highly desirable characters and this particular selection from the Gingia Estate is very rich example – to the point of distinction. With high antioxidants and moderate caffeine, Gingia is one of the nicest Assams available. The golden liquor has classic thickness that is juicy and deliciously malty. It is a self-drinker and has enough flavour and character to hold its own, even with milk and sugar.

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Large Loose Leaf (~50 cups), Small Loose Leaf (12-18 cups)


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