About Us

Pickwick & Cherry is about big ideas in small, improbable places. For over 7 years we’ve been creating award-winning, crowd-pleasing baked goods, candies, granolas, jams, cookies, teas, confections and what-have-you out of a tiny, impossible-to-find bakery in Springfield MO, at the corner of Pickwick Ave and Cherry St. 

We love to take something that’s good (say, a cookie) and make it just a little bit better, whether that’s by caramelizing sugar cookies to optimize flavor, or adding just a hint of the right spices + raw sugar for a satisfyingly crunchy/chewy chocolate chip cookie.  

All of our products are made in-house, by hand, by highly skilled bakers and artisans, who take great pride in creating gifts that are truly special.  We use the finest ingredients and revelatory flavor combinations to craft unique treats in small batches.

Led by award-winning pastry chef Katie Kring, we have over ten years of experience creating memorable, crave-able and innovative products that you’re proud to gift and thrilled to receive. We are woman-owned and believe in paying fair wages, working with out neighbors, and fighting for positive change in our community. 

Coming Soon- Subscription Boxes

Launching later this year, we’ll be offering subscriptions for our Hand-Iced Caramelized Sugar Cookies, unique Gourmet Flavors cookies, and more!