Sweets to the Sweet

Our chocolate treats are a huge hit with moms everywhere! 

Truffles & Treats 

Dark-milk chocolate encases large, succulent brandied long-stem maraschino cherries, house-made fondant, and a decadent liquid cordial. Packed six per box.


Mom’s Favorite Teas

loose leaf rooibos tea with rose, chamomile, cornflower, and cherrries
One of our all-time favorite custom blends! We've taken cherry and rose-infused rooibos herbal tea, and blended in rose petals, coffee cascara (aka coffee cherries), hibiscus, Egyptian camomile, cornflower, and real dried cherries. It's almost entirely caffeine free (the coffee cherries add a trace amount), so it's perfect for bedtime, ...
This blend is based on South Africa's prized rooibos, which is naturally caffeine-free, richly flavorful, and laden with healthful herbs and nutrients, augmented with a touch of Kenyan black tea. It's laden with wild rose, jasmine, cornflower, and calendula to create a warm, welcoming, and beautiful cup that is glorious ...
What's summer without lemonade? More importantly, what's lemonade without raspberry? Thankfully, we've combined all the above into a luscious herbal tea that'll make your tastebuds dance and your heart sing - Raspberry Lemonade Herb & Fruit Tea. Small-batch blended using premium dried fruits, flowers and natural flavors, this one is ...


Sandringham House is the beloved country estate and fruit farm of Queen Elizabeth, which grows apples, blackberries, blackcurrants and even black truffles! This regal tea combines Ceylon black tea, Gunpowder green tea and Lucky Dragon Hyson green tea with the essence of blackcurrant to create a blend that's perfect for ...
Beauty may be fleeting, but this stunning tea, with hints of caramel, apple, and bergamot, dazzles cup after cup. One of our very favorite teas. We like it with milk, but you can't go wrong with this one.  
Piquant flavor from tea estates in South India and Ceylon is superbly combined with malty Assam and toasty Darjeeling. The result is a fabulous cup with rich malty notes, slight muscatel undertones, and a smooth finish. Fit for a Queen!  

Give the Gift of Quality Time

We offer a wide range of hands-on culinary experiences that Mom is sure to love, from baking classes to date night cooking experiences to tea workshops!

Ah, Paris

apricot-orange duck breast, grilled cantaloupe, fresh tomato soup, haricots vert, summer berry religiuese 

July 8, 9


California Coastal Date Night Cooking Experience

tamarind-teriyaki filet mignon, artichoke-chevre polenta, red wine mushrooms, cobb salad, avocado ice cream


July 15, 16


Mariner’s Feast Date Night Cooking Experience

maple-glazed salmon, crab cake with tartar sauce, leek & corn risotto, cucumber salad, wild blueberry tarts

July 22, 23


Braai the Beloved Country – South African Date Night Cooking Experience

rosemary braai pie, grilled spicy pineapple, peri peri shrimp, chicken-apricot sosoties, braai lamb chops, tomato watermelon salad, whole curried cauliflower, malva pudding

July 29, 30


New Mexico Date Night Cooking Experience

Bison tamale pie, posole verde, rio zape beans, blue corn tortillas, sonoran flour tortillas, biscochitos with caramel ganache

August 5, 6


Italian Date Night Cooking Experience

mushroom ravioli in marsala cream sauce, garlic shrimp scampi, caesar salad, nutella torte

August 12, 13