Spring has sprung, Easter is here, and it’s time to order some special treats to celebrate! We will be open for Easter Pickups on Good Friday, April 15th from 11am-3pm and Saturday, April 16th from 10am-2pm. (And as always, show up and play us “Hot Cross Buns” on a recorder (or similarly maligned instrument, e.g. kazoo, banjo, sousaphone, viola, theramin, bagpipes, otamatone, barbershop quartet…) and get a free hot cross bun! 

Hot Cross Buns

A centuries-old Easter tradition (with all the lore and legend that comes with that), we make our Hot Cross Buns with loads of raisins, cherries, cranberries, and a touch of spice, all baked into a sweet yeasty bun, and crossed with sweet buttermilk icing. An absolute must-have!

Showpiece Chocolate Eggs

Our hand-crafted, limited-edition eggs are truly stunning, one-of-a-kind works of culinary art. And they’re as tasty as they look! 

This enormous chocolate egg is home to the Easter Bunny itself! This egg is almost 8" tall and 5" in diameter, hand-cast in rich Belgian dark milk chocolate, and decorated with hand-sculpted daffodils.

Hand-Iced Easter Cookies

Eggs and bunnies and chicks, oh my! 

Truffles & Treats 

Gourmet Chocolate truffles, cordial cherries and more! 

Large, juicy long-stemmed strawberries, dipped in our signature dark-milk chocolate and decorated with a variety of seasonal sprinkles, and other delicious, beautiful designs.
Dark-milk chocolate encases large, succulent brandied long-stem maraschino cherries, house-made fondant, and a decadent liquid cordial. Packed six per box.

Teas for Spring

loose leaf rooibos tea with rose, chamomile, cornflower, and cherrries
One of our all-time favorite custom blends! We've taken cherry and rose-infused rooibos herbal tea, and blended in rose petals, coffee cascara (aka coffee cherries), hibiscus, Egyptian camomile, cornflower, and real dried cherries. It's almost entirely caffeine free (the coffee cherries add a trace amount), so it's perfect for bedtime, ...
This blend is based on South Africa's prized rooibos, which is naturally caffeine-free, richly flavorful, and laden with healthful herbs and nutrients, augmented with a touch of Kenyan black tea. It's laden with wild rose, jasmine, cornflower, and calendula to create a warm, welcoming, and beautiful cup that is glorious ...
What's summer without lemonade? More importantly, what's lemonade without raspberry? Thankfully, we've combined all the above into a luscious herbal tea that'll make your tastebuds dance and your heart sing - Raspberry Lemonade Herb & Fruit Tea. Small-batch blended using premium dried fruits, flowers and natural flavors, this one is ...


Upcoming Events

We offer a wide range of hands-on culinary experiences, from baking classes to date night cooking experiences to tea workshops!

Italian Date Night Cooking Experience

mushroom ravioli in marsala cream sauce, garlic shrimp scampi, caesar salad, nutella torte

April 22, 23


It’s All About Choux: Baking Class

Eclairs, cream puffs, zeppole

April 23


Mariner’s Feast Date Night Cooking Experience

maple-glazed salmon, crab cake with tartar sauce, cucumber salad, wild blueberry tarts

April 29, 30


California Coastal Date Night Cooking Experience

tamarind-teriyaki filet mignon, artichoke-chevre polenta, red wine mushrooms, cobb salad, avocado ice cream

May 6, 7